10 Hot Summer-Themed PowerPoint & Google Slides Templates

Summer is upon us, and as the temperature rises, so does the need for captivating presentations that match the season’s vibrant energy. At Prezentr, we understand the importance of making a lasting impression with your slides. That’s why we’ve curated a scorching list of ten summer-themed PowerPoint & Google Slides templates that are guaranteed to keep your audience engaged and enthusiastic. From tranquil beaches to fiery heatwaves, these templates will infuse your presentations with the essence of summer. Let’s dive in!

1. Summer Vibes PowerPoint Template

With its cheerful color palette and summer-themed illustrations, this template is a quintessential choice for any summer-related presentation. Whether you’re sharing vacation memories or presenting summer marketing campaigns, this template’s versatile design has got you covered.

2. Heatwave PowerPoint & Google Slides Template

Embrace the heat of summer with this fiery template. Its bold visuals and warm tones will set the perfect mood for presentations on climate-related topics, summer sales, or any subject that demands attention.

3. Ocean Waves PowerPoint & Google Slides Template

Transport your audience to the serene shores with this captivating template. Featuring gentle ocean waves and calming blue hues, it’s an excellent pick for presentations related to travel, relaxation, or marine conservation.

4. Beach PowerPoint & Google Slides Template

Capture the laid-back vibes of the beach with this fun and vibrant template. Complete with beach umbrellas and flip-flops, it’s ideal for showcasing summer events, team-building activities, or simply sharing your love for the sun and sand.

5. Shell PowerPoint & Google Slides Template

Infuse an element of wonder and beauty into your presentations with this elegant shell-themed template. Perfect for educational presentations, creative projects, or even a virtual beachcombing adventure.

6. Global Warming PowerPoint & Google Slides Template

Raise awareness about pressing environmental issues with this impactful template. Featuring melting icebergs and Earth graphics, it’s ideal for presentations focused on climate change, sustainability, or green initiatives.

7. Summer Beach PowerPoint Template

This template exudes pure summer vibes! Whether you’re planning a pool party, a summer festival, or sharing tips for beating the heat, a background photo of beach sand will keep your audience hooked.

8. Sunflowers PowerPoint & Google Slides Template

Bask in the warmth of sunflowers with this delightful template. Perfect for presentations related to agriculture, gardening, or nature, its cheerful and uplifting design will surely brighten up any topic.

9. Watermelon PowerPoint & Google Slides Template

What’s summer without watermelons? This deliciously themed template is perfect for presentations about healthy eating, summer recipes, or any topic where you want to add a touch of summer fun.

10. Travel PowerPoint Template

Round off your summer presentations with this enchanting travel template. Transport your audience to an exotic getaway with passports, plane and sunglasses – a perfect fit for travel presentations or inspiring dream vacations.


This summer, make your presentations shine bright with our handpicked collection of summer-themed PowerPoint & Google Slides templates. From tranquil ocean waves to the fiery heat of the sun, these templates offer a wide range of options to suit every topic and occasion. Engage your audience with captivating visuals, and let the essence of summer infuse your content with energy and enthusiasm. With Prezentr’s SEO-optimized and reading-friendly templates, you’ll be all set to make this summer a memorable one for your audience. Happy presenting!

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