How to Use PowerPoint Templates

This is the PowerPoint tutorial for beginners that will help you to learn how to use PowerPoint templates. We will show you how to download and use PowerPoint templates from our or any other website.

The difference between PowerPoint templates and backgrounds

First, you should know the difference between PowerPoint template, theme and background. Although these three terms are often considered as synonyms, there is a significant difference. Microsoft says that PowerPoint template is a pattern of a slide or group of slides that you save as a .potx file. Templates usually contain layouts, theme colors, fonts, effects, background images or styles, but they also can contain some pre-made content. On the other side, PowerPoint backgrounds are simple background images in .png, .jpg and similar formats. People usually look for a PowerPoint template before they start making presentation because these templates usually have well designed slides and backgrounds with adjusted fonts and color schemes. They contain slide layouts that can be a good starting point for creating well organized slides. PowerPoint backgrounds can be a good way to enrich existing presentation. You just need to apply a background image to slides and to do some font and color scheme adjustments. To give your presentations additional quality look you can use a PowerPoint theme. Themes contain coordinating colors, a matching background, fonts, effects and layouts. You can use default themes that come with PowerPoint or you can make your own themes.

How to download and use a PowerPoint template

1. Find your template. There are many sites with free or premium PowerPoint template on the internet. You need to do a small research and find the right template that fit your needs. You can try to find it in our template collection.

Find your PPT template

2. Look for a download button.

Look for a download button

3. Download the template and open it. After you click the download button a window should open and ask you where to save your template. Choose the destination for your template and wait for download to finish. When it’s done find your template in a folder where you saved it and open it, or open it directly from your browser.

Download the template and open it

4. Enable editing. Microsoft by default disable editing for all files that were downloaded from the internet. So, first  you need to enable editing. Simply click the ‘Enable editing’ button.

Enable editing

5. Start with editing existing slides. You can simply change titles and example text, just delete the old ones and add your own.

Start editing existing slides

6. Add new slides using slide layouts. PowerPoint templates usually contain many useful layouts that you can use to organize your content in a good way.

Add new slides using slide layouts

Check our tutorial “How to Use PowerPoint Backgrounds” to learn how to properly download and apply PowerPoint backgrounds to your slides. Also, check for more free PowerPoint tutorials here.

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