5 Presentation Design Trends to Watch Out in 2017

Presentation Design Trends for 2017

A lot of things go into making good quality presentations. Of all elements, presentation design is an integral part of any presentation. It develops a unique look n feel. It also enhances the visual appeal of a presentation. Good designs attract viewers and hold their interest till the end. Bad ones spoil the mood. Thus, a taste for good design is essential for improving the quality of formal presentations.

Here are the most innovative presentation design trends of 2017:

#1 Oversized Photograph

Pictures are one of the primary elements of design. Large photographs in slides enhance the visual experience of the entire presentation. It attracts audience interest. It also retains their attention, till the final slide. Big pictures even help to captivate the attention of your last-bencher audience. Such photographs have a more effective impact on the viewers. People remember seeing larger images than the smaller ones. Oversized photography is, therefore, one of the best ways to inform the audience about a topic. It also makes a smooth presentation.

Talking about photography, a single picture communicates the most. Presenters must now stress on using one big image in their slides. Single and large images maximise impact on the viewers. Online resources like, and, provide an excellent collection of free theme-based pictures.

#2 Bright Gradients

Gradients play another significant role in slide shows. Plain and simple backgrounds disinterest the viewers. Instead, bright backgrounds and angles enhance the significance of slides. Powerful gradients increase the vibrancy of presentations. Interesting angles help presenters to make fresh, bold and sharp slide shows. Thus, gradients, of any kind, impress the audience and makes engaging presentations.

It’s good to choose an appropriate texture, according to the subject of the presentation. Presenters can also play with various beautiful texture and gradient options and go for the best background. However, in doing so, gradients and textures must not reduce content readability and legibility. It must neither affect the foreground view. The best way is to select the right colour combination and form a perfect gradient or texture.

Find some of the best gradient PowerPoint templates in our: Abstract & Textures PPT Templates category.

#3 Simple Designs

Minimalist design is the ongoing trend. Simple icons, one-word texts and two-line descriptions complete the communication. In face, Less is quite more. Presenters must make clever use of all design elements. It will make their slides, simple yet unique. Design-specific colours are another good way to go. However, presenters must use colours, only up to the requirement. Also, they should use designs thinking about their audience interest. Each of the slide designs should be clear and complete. Putting too many images and texts into a slide will create a design mess.

With minimal designs, presenters can maintain space and enjoy perspective. They can have proper alignment of grids. Also, they can control the flow of eye through space and content. Simple yet powerful designs determine the typography. Together with the typo, nominal designs make clear and readable content.

#4 Interesting Typography

Typos are an important part of cover slide designs. Dramatic typography enhances the power of slide content. It immediately attracts viewer’s eyes and creates a good impression. Typos are also the best ways to express feelings through words. Presenters must select a suitable typo- funky or formal and communicate to their audience. Typography is also a crucial design element. It does affect the visual feel and liveliness of the presentation. The appropriate typo leaves a long-lasting effect on the viewers.

#5 Dual Exposures

A double exposure is another different trend in designing a presentation. Double exposures are exclusive results. It helps to inspire the viewers and motivate them towards the slide show. As a result, the audience has a transcendent experience. Such slides draw them towards its design elements and hold their attention, until the end. They get deep into the subject matter and develop a better understanding of the presentation.

Double exposures help presenters to maintain uniqueness and innovation. Students and professionals must be careful in executing the dual exposure effect. It requires a good sense of design. If done correctly, they can make the most of it.


To sum up, the above presentation design trends are the talk of the town. However, it’s not the end. Honesty, originality and individuality enable the presenters to stay ahead of trends.

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